Erase Internet History

Erase Internet History with Chily Internet Privacy Eraser software. Best tool to clean internet history of your computer system.

Erase browser history, computer history, search history, toolbar history and media player history with our software. It helps to protect internet privacy where you can erase everything from your system and keep away your children, spouse, friends, colleagues from knowing what you have been doing on internet or your computer. Need for software which erases internet history arises where an individual wants to secure the computer from strangers who directly or indirectly affects your privacy.

Chily Internet Privacy Eraser Performs Following Operations :

• Delete Internet History • Delete IE Address bar History
• Delete Cookies • Delete Windows Registry Streams
• Delete IE Cache Files • Delete Temporary Files
• Delete Recent Document List • Delete Start Menu Run History
• Delete Find Computer History • Delete Windows Media Player History
• Delete Application Logs • Delete Desktop Registry Streams
• Delete Typed URLs • Clear Network Browsing History
• Clear Printer Stream History • Clear Find Computers History
• Clear Start Menu History • Clear Find File History
• Clear Explorer OCX Streams

With deleting history details for the above mentioned points, software also provides some modification options which can be done for default browser images. It helps to change the default toolbar background image with hiding of un-required menu items and tool bar items from menu-bar and tool-bar. Sites which you want to restrict to be opened on system can be blocked and a list of trusted and sites can be added to the software.

Chily Internet Privacy Eraser software can be downloaded for Free. Fully functional free evaluation version of the software to Erase Internet History expires after 7 days. You need to purchase full version of the software to have continued protected internet privacy.