Create Windows Registry Backup

Chily Registry Optimizer and Cleaner allows you to keep complete backup of your system registry and restore it whenever required.

Windows Operating system comes with in-built registry backup option which backs-up most of the registry but not complete registry. Chily Registry Optimizer and Cleaner creates complete backup of the Windows Registry which includes every section and detail.

Backup Registry with Chily Registry Optimizer & Cleaner and save it at the safest location of your hard disk drive, restore it if you ever experience errors or Blue Screen of Deaths or there are some unexpected effects after installing or un-installing any program or while making change to the registry entries. You can easily restore backups when required with the help of Restore Registry Option.

Chily Registry Optimizer and Cleaner is easy to use Registry Cleaner and Registry backup tool which has been designed and developed for user convenience to solve PC related issues and make your system run fast.