Windows Registry Cleaner Frequently Asked Questions

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Answer to Your Questions

What is Chily Registry Optimizer and Cleaner ?

Chily Registry Optimizer and Cleaner is a registry repair tool for Windows OS based PCs which makes your computer run fast and smooth.

What is Registry ?

Registry is a database where Windows program store their data.

Entire information related to configuration of your system, hardware, programs is stored in the registry. Registry is structured as keys and each key is related to a program or setting on your system.

Why Do I need to Clean Registry ?

Whenever you work on your PC and delete any file, registry does not removes invalid and extra files and such non-existent files remain in the registry. As it gets filled with invalid data, Windows programs start consuming more resources to startup/shutdown or search anything on your system, thus making your system work slow.

This Can Occur Due To :

Viruses : Viruses try to attack your system registry and modify it. It is very dangerous to make registry changes if you do not have sufficient knowledge about its working. Any damage to registry causes re-installation of Windows.

Uninstalled Programs : If you uninstall any program without the valid process of uninstalling and you deleted the program, there may be chances that some keys still remain in the registry. With the existance of these extra keys, registry size becomes heavy and makes your system work slow.

Your system's registry with all invalid and extra entries needs to be cleaned which will effectively increase the system performance.